The imminent novel threat of Artificial General Intelligence has increased the urgency to prep by at least an order of magnitude, and has made past condsiderations by preppers in many ways obsolete.

While as of 2022, the AGI topic has gained some traction in the public sphere with ChatGPT, opinions as to how it will unfold vary wildly, and are often driven by first-guess fallacies, judging by the past and not the future, ignorance of exponential growth, herd mentality, blind faith in media and institutions, and illogical or non-existent threat assessments and threat policies. For a more detailed analysis of this situation, you can read the chapter “the threat”.

After you have read this chapter, you will come to understand that highly dangerous superhuman AI systems are feasible by 2024-2027, and that many individuals and shady corporate entities, will gain the power to wield them openly or covertly with a delay of maybe 2-4 years.

While it is true that positive outcomes are also likely, consider the following negative ones:

  • the stock market might crash permanently
  • the internet might be rendered inoperable for years
  • AGI might choose to destroy us, by means that we do not understand in advance
  • countries might wage large-scale wars in fight for diminishing resources

All those outcomes are very serious in nature, and cannot simply be answered with ignorance and willful disbelief by any reasonable person. The awesome powerful impact of AGI is undoubtful and will be absolutely unprecedented in history. It must be addressed with reasonable preparedness.

I hope to provide the bare essentials of prepping against the worst on this site, with the minimum amount of investment in both time and money (500-2000 Euros). If you are willing to spend 10000 Euros or more on prepping, this guide might not be the best for you.

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